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Two members of our King of Life community participated in a virtual choir put together by the Association of Lutheran Musicians.

Together with 1008 musicians, please enjoy this rendition of “Angels We Have Heard on High”



We hear a call for all comfortable sheep to emerge from the sheepfold with a mission into the world to serve other sheep in need of care.

A service inspired by the Iona Community to invite us to see the interconnectedness of creation, God’s faithfulness to bring justice to our world, and our call to walk together in God’s love.

A service to lead troubled hearts into stillness, reminding us that our God is dwelling with us and always at work in our world, and leading us upon the way of truth and life to the home and safety of God’s heart.



A service to remind us of the care our Good Shepherd and our Good Gate brings to all sheep, leading us in to abundant rest and leading us out to live life abundantly.

A liturgy inspired by the Iona Community to remind us of all that waits for us when we are called to come out of the darkness and live life renewed by God’s gracious love.

A service to remember Jesus’ final entry into Jerusalem and his journey to his death on the cross. A call to see the gift of grace for us as we face our own crosses in the Lenten desert.

A healing service of song and prayer inspired by the Iona Community, resting in the promises of our God who knows and loves us to bring peace in the places we ache.

A service of word and song for this 5th Sunday in Lent as we experience the breath of God here for us in our desert wilderness.
Promise in the Desert
Into the Desert
Called to See
God’s Law in our Hearts
Salt and Light
Ripe is the Time
Follow Me
Come and See
Hearing God’s Voice
Dreams for the Journey