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We believe that our resources, abilities and time are gifts from God for us both to enjoy and to use for the benefit of others. Ultimately, everything belongs to the Creator and we are just caretakers, or stewards, who should use possessions and skills wisely and with gratitude.

The stewardship of resources program helps individuals identify their talents and to use them in life-giving ways to nurture our congregation and the broader community. In addition to helping individuals find roles and activities in the church that are a good fit for them, stewardship involves some practical matters such as financial planning and tax considerations. Fundraising may be concrete and easy to describe, but ultimately it is helping people discover new interests and develop new skills that matters most in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Please contact the church office if you wish to offer your time and talents to our community (kolchurchoffice@telus.net)

Please visit this link to explore ways for you to contribute financially to the life of the church: http://kingoflife.ca/ways-to-donate/